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Real Estate
$449,900 1105 W Baltimore
BA5176250 Commercial

$299,995 1522 Hollins
BA5055326 1BR/1BA

$285,000 1022 W Lombard
BA55187593 5BR/2BA

$265,000 1046 W Lombard
BA5189229 4BR/3BA

$250,000 1421 W Baltimore
BA5116322 Commercial

$210,000 1014 W Pratt
BA5188146 3BR/1½BA

$199,999 1715 W Lombard
BA5130588 6BR/2BA

$195,000 1505 W Pratt
BA5189565 3BR/2½BA

$ 99,000 1106 W Pratt
BA5198417 3BR/1BA

$ 99,000 1120 W Pratt
BA5084549 2BR/2.5BA

$ 89,900 1104 W Pratt
BA5173718 3BR/1BA

$ 89,900 1108 W Pratt
BA5198418 3BR/1BA

$ 89,900 1735 W Pratt
BA5087720 3BR/1BA

$ 85,000 1108 W Lombard
BA5188890 3BR/1BA

$ 79,900 1138 W Pratt
BA5164782 3BR/1BA

$ 75,000 1705 Lemmon
BA5181130 3BR/1BA

$ 70,000 1012 W Lombard
BA5181289 4BR/1BA

$ 50,000 1617 W Pratt
BA5151906 2BR/1BA

$ 1,150 Rent 1709 W Pratt
BA5193614 3BR/2BA

$ 850 Rent 11 S Carey
BA5193873 3BR/2BA
Union Square News For a print-ready version of the newsletter, click here.     April 2005
Union Square Association General Meeting
Wednesday, April 6, 2005 7:00 pm
1401 Hollins St.
Don’t Miss the Meeting!
An agenda will be distributed at the General Meeting. Door prizes are awarded and you must be present to win. Light refreshments will be served. See you there!

Message from
the President

     By Al Reed

The Monthly Socials just keep going and going… The Association thanks Jim, Karen, Katherine and Sammy Fretz for hosting our second social. We are batting a thousand with these events. The intent of these informal monthly get-togethers is first to take a break from our daily routine of 9 to 5 work, work on the house, and brief conversations with our neighbors. Secondly, to invite Realtors and interested parties in an effort to encourage new home buyers/neighbors. We have succeeded in garnering interest, now all we just have to do is find them homes to purchase. Help is on the way.

Last week I met with Cliff Sawyer of the Mayor’s Office regarding City help to develop the 1700 blocks of Hollins and Lombard, the 200 block of Mount, 1300-1400 blocks of Lombard, and others. Details will be shared at the meeting.

I’ve placed an emphasis on strengthening our ties with the Hollins Roundhouse Association. I believe a successful Union Square depends on working with our neighbors year round, not just during the Sowebo Festival. Micha Durnenburg, President Hollins Roundhouse, and I have discussed several ways our associations can improve conditions from Fulton to MLK; Baltimore to Pratt. Micha and some of his fellow members will be at our meeting.

You may have received a flyer regarding the trash issue in the park. I am an avid proponent of resolving the illegal dumping of household trash in the park and I intend to have an open discussion regarding solutions.

Huge thanks to O’Bryant Kenner (Hollins), Christopher Taylor, and Megan Schwartz(Lombard) for spearheading the development of the Youth Committee. Look for the kids to present at the meeting.

Finally, I’d like to thank Michael McPherson (Hollins) for designing a draft of the Union Square T-shirt Logo.

Note: Mike, Jennifer, Annie, and Jonesie Lester (Hollins) will host the April social. More details at the meeting.

Union Square
Monthly Social!

The second neighborhood social was held at the home of Jim, Karen, and Katherine Fretz (1500 block of Hollins) on Friday, March 25th. A nice crowd of fun-loving locals met with new neighbors and potential new residents.

If you missed your chance to sip, snack and chat, come to the General Meeting for details and location of the April event.

This informal get-together is a new tradition and has already become one of the neighborhood’s favorite activities. More are scheduled for the last Friday of every month. Mark your calendar!

Spring Sweep
Mayor O’Malley’s Super Spring Sweep Thing 6 is coming Saturday April 23! Watch for details.

Crime Walk
     By Bob Harwick

Hello everyone. This is to remind you we have scheduled another Union Square / Hollins Roundhouse Association Crime Walk for Thursday, April 7th starting at 7 PM. We will again meet in the parking lot of Elder Health, just South of the intersection of Pratt and Arlington. This walk will have somewhat more of a focus on the Union Square side of the neighborhood; I think it will also be a bit more adventurous than our previous walk. We should be finished no later than 8:30 PM.

If you have any questions, please call me at 410-539-1193. I hope to see you on Thursday. Join neighbors from both associations, accompanied by police officers from Southern District.


April Trash Schedule
No holidays affect the schedule this month, so usual Monday and Thursday collections: Mon., April 4, 11, 18, 25 and Thurs., April 7, 14, 21, and 28.

Hazardous Waste Drop Off
On the last weekend of April (April 30 & May 1), one of the twice yearly drop offs will occur at Poly-Western High School, Coldspring Lane and Falls Road. Saturday from 9 AM to 3 PM and Sunday from 11 AM to 3 PM.
 U.S. Youth Committee
     By Katherine Fretz

We have many goals. One of our main objectives is to create a community center so children will have a place after school that’s off the streets and out of harm’s way. At the rec center we’d help with homework or tutoring. This goal is long term, but we feel it is important.

Another goal is to improve the look of our area. We’d start with trash around the square, then progress to nearby blocks. Another idea we could start right now is to put flowerpots at a few corners to brighten the square, although it’s a beautiful place already.

Music and art are important to youth and all ages. Each Memorial Day weekend the neighborhood has the Sowebo Arts Festival. During this year’s festival, we’d love to have a booth with art by kids in our committee and music of our choice. We will explain what we are planning to improve the community.

There’s sports—football, soccer, baseball, basketball, and more! Who doesn’t like to play with other kids in something so fun? We can start with sporting events at local parks and schools on some weekends. This helps kids get to know one another and meet new friends.

We’d like to plan trips to theme parks like Six Flags, Kings Dominion, and Hershey—and to paintball locations. We’d also like regularly scheduled movie nights.

Clubs are something kids should take part in. We’d have a games club, book club, sports club, art and music club, etc. Kids will meet others with similar interests. This goal is one we would start right away.

We’d appreciate financial help and support. Thank you!

The Union Square Youth Committee

Fun at the
Easter Egg Hunt!

A time-honored local tradition continued on Saturday, March 19 as the park of Union Square hosted children, parents, and neighbors… plus a special appearance by the Easter Bunny.

Thank you to the Southwest Baltimore Senior Center for sponsoring the event!

The Mural
The Mural planned for the 1300 block of Baltimore St. is moving into it’s final planning stages. Jess Harman, an art student at the Maryland Institute College of Art, has been on our web site’s message board soliciting ideas and providing updates. Jess writes: final sketches for the Mural will be submitted Monday April 4th and may soon be on display at Bon Secours for voting. The Mural will be discussed at the General Meeting on Wednesday.

Trash Talk and
Trash Abuse

Unlike many cities, Baltimore still has twice-weekly trash pick-up. There are also days for recycling, and hazardous waste drop off.

Regular trash
Pickups are every Monday and Thursday morning, except holidays.

General guidelines
Officially, trash must be set out in covered containers marked with your address. In reality, many residents use trash bags. Either way, trash should not be set outside until the morning (between 6 and 8 AM) of the scheduled pickup—if necessary, trash may be set outside no earlier than the night before. Check the schedule: there are no pickups on holidays.

The object is to have trash outside for the least amount of time before pickup, and to secure trash in a container or a sturdy trash bag. Otherwise, stray dogs, cats, rats, or vermin will get into the refuse. Ripped trash bags, sitting for days and surrounded by scattered garbage, make the whole neighborhood look bad. And, in case you're wondering, plastic grocery bags are NOT “sturdy trash bags.”

Trash should only be set out at the rear (or front, where appropriate) of your property. Street corners, vacant lots, or the park are NOT acceptable places to drop trash.

Also, litter baskets around the park and along neighborhood streets are for litter. They are NOT intended to be extra places for the disposal of household trash.

Due to chronic abuse by a few scofflaw residents, the City is removing litter baskets from the park.

In addition to the aesthetic and public health issues, there are laws about proper handling of trash—violators are subject to some serious fines. Because of the abuse, the City promises aggressive enforcement.

So let’s all work together—not just because it’s the law, but because it’s the “right” thing to do.

Thanks, neighbor!

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