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Union Square News For a print-ready version of the newsletter, click here.     February 2005
Union Square Association General Meeting
Wednesday, February 9, 2005 7:00 pm
1401 Hollins St.

Inside this issue: AgendaCommittees2005 Officers
Real EstateCommunity Social!High Tech Committee E-Meetings!Trash...
Agenda for the General Meeting
On Wednesday, February 9th, the Union Square Association will hold its first general meeting of 2005 following the Annual Meeting and Elections that were held in January.

The General Meeting will begin with an introduction of the newly elected board and officers. New neighbors and all attendees are also invited to introduce themselves.

Mission Statement
It’s time to review and update our Mission Statement. Suggestions and comments from the community are needed to define the Association—who are we? what are our goals? why do we exist? where are we going? how are we going to reach our goals?

Depending on community interest, there are many ways to get involved in improving our neighborhood. The By-Laws define the Standing Committees and the membership may form additional committees as appropriate. New and existing committees will be formed and discussed. Residents are encouraged to volunteer and get involved. (See accompanying article for details.)

Block Captains
New and returning block captains will be identified.

New Business
Suggestions, issues, and pet peeves can be brought to the meeting for discussion.

Light refreshments will be served at the meeting.

Door Prizes
Be sure to sign the attendance sheet. Door prizes will be awarded and you must be present to win.

2005 Association Board and Officers
Elected at the Annual Meeting in January, the 2005 Officers & Board of the Union Square Association are:

Albert Reed

Christopher Taylor

Phyllis VanMeerhaeghe

Recording Secretary
Belinda Reed

Corresponding Secretary
Christian B. Everett

Director of Historic Preservation
Richard Pickens

At-Large Director
Tonya M. Osborne, Esq.

At-Large Director
B.J. Schaen-Cazer

  We’ve got Committees
It’s an exciting time to live in Union Square. Property values continue to rise as buyers discover the advantages of our community— including our generously-proportioned homes and our location convenient to downtown, MARC trains, and major highways.

The Association enters 2005 with a new Board and ambitious plans to continue the history of neighborhood improvements. What actually gets accomplished depends entirely on what each of us is willing to do.

Committee work is an excellent way to get involved and make a difference. The Standing Committees include:

Public Relations Committee (also referred to as the Marketing Committee)—develops strategies, prepares and distributes promotional materials, forms liaisons with other organizations, sets up information booths at events, and works to promote the Union Square neighborhood to potential homebuyers, businesses, and others interested in learning more about our community.

Membership Committee—works as an outreach to current residents, welcomes new residents, and promotes membership in the Association.

Fundraising Committee—helps plan events, pursues grant money, and finds other revenue streams for the Association.

Program Committee—identifies and schedules speakers for meetings, and plans other events and programs.

Historic Information Committee—works with the Director of Historic Preservation to explore, chronicle and maintain the rich history of the community.

In addition to the Standing Committees, there are an assortment of other committees that have formed over the years which, depending on community interest, may form again in 2005. This is not a comprehensive listing because the Association always welcomes new efforts when members wish to focus their efforts and work in new directions. In no particular order, committees include:

Public Safety Committee—one part of what are known as the “Crime & Grime” and quality of life committees. This group addresses crime issues, the Block Watch Program, and maintains liaisons with police and other agencies as appropriate. Possible projects may include bringing back the once-popular Citizens On Patrol.

Sanitation Committee—the other half of the “Crime & Grime” committees. This group addresses issues of trash, litter, illegal dumping, graffiti, and other blights on the neighborhood. They work with the City to plan Clean Up activities, schedule dumpsters and other services to enhance the quality of life.

Housing Committee—this group evaluates conditions of the housing stock and works with City agencies to identify and correct violations of various codes. This includes issues of vacant and abandoned properties, zoning violations, and faulty rehab efforts that harm the historic designation of our community.

Cookie Tour Committee—coming off the huge success of the 2004 tour, this group coordinates all the efforts necessary to hold this signature event for Union Square.

Garden Tour Committee—for many years, the “Secret Gardens of Union Square” was an annual event that showcased our neighborhood. The tour has been on hiatus for the past few years and, depending on interest, could return as another means of promoting urban life in general and our community in particular.

Youth Committee—this group would plan activities and programs to benefit the young people of Union Square and get them involved in the efforts of the Association.

Again, this is only a partial listing. Other ideas are encouraged and welcomed. Come to the General Meeting and share your own ideas and passions. By getting involved, you can really shape the direction and future of Union Square.

Real Estate
$949,900   1120 W Pratt
    BA5084551   Commercial
$399,900   1504 Hollins
    BA5098945   5BR/2BA
$269,000   109 S Stricker
    BA5111836   4BR/2BA
$250,000   1421 W Baltimore
    BA5116322   Commercial
$242,000   1428 Hollins
    BA5090532   4BR/2BA
$235,000   1715 W Lombard
    BA5130588   6BR/2BA
$220,000   1712 W Lombard
$199,786   1301 W Lombard
    BC4866786   4BR/2.5BA
$175,000   1032 Hollins
    BA4942923   2BR/1BA
$175,000   1038 Hollins
    BA4942923   4BR/2BA
$128,900   1308 W Lombard
    BA5130719   3BR/1BA
$109,900   1735 W Pratt
    BA5087720   3BR/1BA
$100,000   117 S Calhoun
    BA5113153   4BR/1BA
$100,000   39 S Fulton
    BA4895225   4BR/2BA
$  99,000   1120 W Pratt
    BA5084549   2BR/2.5BA
$  98,500   1111 W Lombard
    BA4833118   3BR/1BA
$  69,900   32 S Carrollton
    BA4964833   4BR/1BA
$  60,000   1318 W Pratt
    BA5137500   3BR/1BA
$  54,900   109 S Carey
    BA5002648   3BR/2BA
$  49,000   43 S Fulton
    BA5110495   4BR/3BA
$  15,000   1236 W Lombard
$    6,000 ea   1002-04-06 Boyd
    BA4809637-230-145   3 lots
$    1,800 Rent   33 S Calhoun
    BA5073369   3BR/1BA
$       400 Rent   1944 W Pratt
Community Social!
There are plans for a monthly Community Social where residents can get together, share some wine and cheese, and enjoy neighborhood chat. Potential homebuyers will be invited to these events so they can get to know us, and ask any questions they may have about our community. The date and location of this month’s Social will be announced at the General Meeting. You don’t want to miss this!
February Trash Schedule
No recycling pickup the 11th (Lincoln’s Birthday), and no regular pickup on the 21st (Washington’s Birthday). Otherwise, usual Monday and Thursday collections: Mon., February 7, 14, 28 and Thurs., February 3, 10, 17, and 24.
 High Tech Committee

During the planning of the Holiday Cookie Tour, the committee did a lot of their business via “virtual” meetings and good use of email exchanges.

A new forum for committees has been added to The Public Square, the message board of Union Square Online. For those who are internet-connected, this adds a new tool to get work done, exchange ideas, solicit support, and follow-up on assignments. Be sure to take advantage of this feature.

Nothing replaces a good face-to-face exchange, but this supplements often difficult to schedule meetings.

NOTE: You may also check content of The Public Square. Click here to search the forum.
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