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2005 Recycling Schedule!
Trashy details here. Follow this link and find the print-ready version that you can output and tape to your refrigerator as a handy reminder all year long!

New Restaurant!
“The Bistro” across from the Hollins Market. Great food, reasonable prices, and worth a look! Learn more here.

Upload your own pix!
New image upload feature has been added to The Public Square Forums. Upload your photos and artwork files to share with everyone! Details.

2004 Board & Officers
See the updated list here.

Guestbook Upgrade!
Take a look here.

City Services Online!
Report & track problems.

Free Classifieds!
“New & Improved!” here.

Union Square Calendar!
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Site search utility!
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Sowebohemian Festival!
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Photo Gallery updated!
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Real Estate!
Your dream home here.

Union Square History!
Fascinating facts here.
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Union Square News For a print-ready version of the newsletter, click here.     January 2005
Union Square Association
Annual Meeting & Elections
Wednesday, January 19, 2005 7:00 pm • 1401 Hollins St.
The Annual Meeting is solely for the purpose of electing Union Square Association Officers and Board Members. If you would like to be considered for nomination, e-mail nominations@union-square, call 410.428.7549, or make arrangements to be nominated at the meeting. Nominations from the floor are welcome & encouraged! Only members are eligible to vote. For more information, see the by-laws here

Inside this issue: Help Wanted! (Call for Nominations) – Holiday Cookie Tour Success!We thank: The Baltimore SunThanks again: 2004 OfficersReal EstateFace Lift! (New Look for Union Square Online) – More Cookie Tour Thanks!Trash...
Help Wanted!
Over the past few years, Union Square has seen enormous improvements. Property values are at record highs and potential home-buyers are on waiting lists to join our special community. With each new resident, new ideas and enthusiasm are added to our diverse talent pool.

Our special neighborhood now needs special people – it’s time to choose officers to direct our continued success in 2005. In short, the Union Square Association needs YOU!

To new residents: we need your fresh perspective. To long-time residents: your experience and familiarity are urgently needed. And, to those who’ve previously served: please consider returning to help again – you already know how much we need you!

With family, career, hobbies, and the work of maintaining our beautiful old homes, we all face many demands on our time. As you read this, please consider your neighbors who face the same demands, yet unselfishly give time and energy to the betterment of everyone in the community. Remember, the more each contributes, the lesser the burden on all of us.

The Nominating Committee is actively seeking candidates for the offices of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Director of Historic Preservation. Please email nominations@union-square.us or call 410.428.7549. You can make a difference!
Thanks again: 2004 Officers
With the beginning of the new year, our focus shifts to finding new officers and board members to volunteer their services to the Union Square Association. This is also the time we look back and thank all those who worked so hard in 2004: Greg Grass, President; Tonya Osborne, Esq., Vice President; Phyllis VanMeerhaeghe, Treasurer; Barbara Heckman-Sauer, Recording Secretary; Chris Everett, Corresponding Secretary; Richard Pickens, Director of Historic Preservation; and At-Large Directors, Cynthia Pointdexter and B.J. Schaen-Cazar. The residents of Union Square appreciate your time and efforts on behalf of the neighborhood.
  Holiday Cookie Tour Success!
Thank you to the volunteers and homeowners who participated in the Annual Holiday Cookie tour. It is our big fundraiser and one of our best marketing tools.

Union Square always looks its best when decorated for the holidays. This year was no exception. Houses were breathtaking in their finery. More than 2 dozen homes were part of the tour and many more were beautifully appointed, adding to the overall festive atmosphere.

Mild temperatures helped make this one of our most successful tours – financially and otherwise. Over 400 visitors shared in this special event. Perhaps best of all, there were quite a few prospective home- buyers among our guests.

Many are “regulars” who look forward to this annual event. For others, this was their first exposure to our special community. Our guests included people from other city neighborhoods, the suburbs, and out-of-towners from Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and elsewhere.

It’s never too soon to start planning for next year’s tour. Everyone is encouraged to start thinking about adding their home in 2005, or other ways they might participate.

Come to the Association meetings or check with Association officers to volunteer your efforts in this worthy cause.
We thank: The Baltimore Sun
As we celebrate the success of the 2004 Union Square Holiday Cookie Tour, we give a special “Thank You” to The Baltimore Sun. There is no way we could have afforded the promotion they donated to our event – that exposure brought visitors who, otherwise, never would have known about us. The generous gift of advertising made the single largest impact on our turnout. We are deeply grateful to The Baltimore Sun and look forward to their continued support.

Real Estate
$998,687   1120 W Pratt
    BA5084551   Commercial
$399,900   1504 Hollins
    BA5098945   5BR/2BA
$279,900   109 S Stricker
    BA5111836   4BR/2BA
$250,000   1421 W Baltimore
    BA5116322   Commercial
$250,000   1312 Hollins
    BA5102206   5BR/2.5BA
$242,000   1428 Hollins
    BA5090532   4BR/2BA
$235,000   1715 W Lombard
    BA5130588   6BR/2BA
$220,000   1712 W Lombard
$199,786   1301 W Lombard
    BC4866786   4BR/2.5BA
$189,000   47 S Arlington
    BA5083420   4BR/2BA
$175,000   1032 Hollins
    BA4942923   2BR/1BA
$175,000   1038 Hollins
    BA4942923   4BR/2BA
$128,900   1308 W Lombard
    BA5130719   3BR/1BA
$119,000   1735 W Pratt
    BA5087720   3BR/1BA
$100,000   117 S Calhoun
    BA5113153   4BR/1BA
$  99,000   1120 W Pratt
    BA5084549   2BR/2.5BA
$  71,005   1005 Hollins
    BA5123456   2BR/1.5BA
$  69,900   30 S Carrollton
    BA4964722   4BR/1BA
$  56,900   43 S Fulton
    BA5110495   4BR/3BA
$  54,900   109 S Carey
    BA5002648   3BR/2BA
$  26,000   1629 W Pratt
    BA5071823   3BR/1BA
$  15,000   1236 W Lombard
$    6,000 ea   1002-04-06 Boyd
    BA4809637-230-145   3 lots
$    1,800 Rent   33 S Calhoun
    BA5073369   3BR/1BA
$    1,295 Rent   1110 W Lombard
    BA4976466   3BR/1BA
$    1,000 Rent   1520 W Pratt
    BA5078355   3BR/1BA
Face Lift!
Union Square Online is getting a new look! If you haven’t visited in a while, you’re in for a surprise. The site is brighter, cleaner, and it loads faster. This is the first overhaul since Union Square Online appeared December 9th, 2002. In the past 2 years, there have been over 21,000 hits. People from around the region and all over the world have left messages. Each week, dozens of emails ask about the neighborhood, available properties, and more.

If you’ve never visited the site, here’s a few pages you’ll find: History of Union Square, Maps & Driving Directions, the Photo Gallery, Association By-Laws, a Guestbook, the Sowebo Arts Festival, Community Events, Tax Credit Info, Schools & Churches, FREE Classified Ads, and The Public Square.

The Public Square is a witty, interactive forum where folks chat about the neighborhood, each other, politics, pop culture, home improvement tips, events in the park, and more. It’s a place to express yourself and have some fun! Visitors have posted some informative, clever and surprising material. Go to: www.union-square.us and see for yourself.
January Schedule: No pickup on the 17th (Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day). Otherwise, usual Monday and Thursday collections. Mondays, January 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 and Thursdays, January 6, 13, 20, 27.
 More Cookie Tour Thanks!
This was our 19th year for the Holiday Cookie Tour – it is truly a community effort. Some volunteers clean and decorate the park and many residents make a special effort to dress up their properties to give the neighborhood its special holiday look.

This year’s Cookie Tour Committee consisted of Bill Adler, Debbie Adler, Rick Aronhalt, Chris Everett, Karen Fretz, Greg Grass, Ronny Nadiv, Tonya Osborne, Debra Rahl, Fran Rahl, Frank Travato, and Phyllis VanMeerhaeghe. Their efforts were supplemented by a host of volunteers who performed all the duties necessary for the success of the tour.

Of course, there wouldn’t have been a tour without the hard work of those who opened their homes. Each of them cleaned and decorated – and then they baked hundreds of cookies for our visitors. Included in the 2004 tour were the homes of: Sameerah S. Muhammad; Devlyn Fennell & John Clark; Ron and Betty Brown; Tonya M. Osborne, Esq.; Albert and Belinda Reed & Justin Gardner; Michael and LaRonica McPherson; Jim, Karen, and Katherine Fretz; David Naill, Karen Lemmert & Lillian and Ilan Naill; Anthony and Jana Prado; Ed Knowles & Carl Dahlstrom; Melvin L. and Ardebella Dean Fox; Diane Asher; Antonio and Jennifer Clinkscales; Leslie Dell; Cindi Ptak & Alesia Robinson; Brosenne, Brown and Jones; Lizette and Andre Shelton; Catherine Zorc, Audra Agnelly & Susan Chamberlain; Daryl Napier; Amy Spatz; Debbie and Bill Adler; Debra and Francis Rahl; Frank Bandy & Bill White; and Sarah Whitaker & Jill Amerman.

Although the Cookie Tour is a Union Square Association event, we thank the other local organizations who play a major role in its success. The Friends of the H. L. Mencken House opened that historic home on the day of the tour. Sowebo Arts, Inc. hosted “The Sowebo Artist Market” at 100 S. Stricker St. as an added feature for our visitors. The Baltimore City Police Southern District provided security. The Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League, Inc. displayed and sold charming holiday ornaments. The Southwest Baltimore Charter School presented information detailing their efforts. The award-winning neighborhood web site, Union Square Online, exhibited a series of posters detailing “The History of Union Square.” In addition to their generous advertising support, The Baltimore Sun sent a representative and a kiosk. The Neighborhood Design Center, who support us all year, again offered us the space at their beautifully restored “Old No. 2” Branch of the Library.

Our visitors commented about the wonderful sense of community and involvement they witnessed as all these people and groups joined together in this effort. Thank you.

NOTE: You may also check content of The Public Square. Click here to search the forum.
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