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January 2003
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December 2002
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 Huge Success: the Annual Christmas Cookie Tour!
Sunday, December 8th was the date of the Annual Christmas Cookie Tour and it was an enormous success! Scheduled from noon until 5 pm, almost all the tour booklets were gone by 3 pm. Final estimates of attendance were in excess of 500 visitors – more than we had seen in years. With moderately crisp temperatures, calm air, sunny skies, and about an inch of snow on the ground, it was a perfect day for the tour.

One of the most popular events in our neigh­bor­hood, this year we saw many of our “regulars” return. There were also several realtors who wanted to get familiar with the neighborhood because they had noticed an increased interest of people who are considering purchasing properties here.

A lot of work and volunteer effort contributed to the success of this event. The park was cleaned and decorated to look its holiday best as our guests wandered through the entire neigh­bor­hood. A big “thank you” goes to those hardy and generous souls who have volunteered to open their homes for this event.

Monthly USA meeting
7 PM, Wednes­day, January 29, 2003 at 1401 Hollins Street. This is the Annual Meeting and the only agenda item will be the election of Officers and Board Members the Union Square Association (USA). Only eligible voters will be permitted to participate. For more information about the USA, click here.

Launch of Web Site
Coinciding with the USA Annual Meeting, this web site “Union Square Online” will be official launched on January 29th.

 2-Way Traffic Coming to West Lombard St.
West Lombard will change from 1-way to 2-way traffic between Martin Luther King, Jr. and Fulton. Work is to start by the end of January and will include intersection widening, installing a traffic island and curb replacement at Lombard and M.L.K., Jr. and, of course, signal modifications and re-striping of West Lombard.

While signs have been up for several years, it appears to be finally happening. One block of West Lombard, east of M.L.K., Jr., already became 2-way at the end of December, 2002.
 Coming Soon: Union Square Newsletter
A hardcopy (printed paper) newsletter for the Union Square neighborhood is in development. When it becomes available, it is our goal to have an e-version (electronic version) published on this web site.

As popular as the internet may be, there are a lot of people who do not have access to this medium. In addition, there is something comforting about having a paper copy of a newsletter that can be held in the hand or taped to the refrigerator for quick reference.

Watch this space for developments as they become available.
 “Union Square Online” is Officially Launched!
Obviously, as you are viewing this article on this web site, you can see that “Union Square Online” has become a reality. Although it has been in development since early December, there is still a lot more to do – and much more will be added in coming months. The December holidays (and the webmaster’s unscheduled heart attack on January 13th) have delayed the progress a bit, but the project has been moving along.

Since this is meant to be a community effort designed to benefit the neighborhood, everyone is encouraged to contribute suggestions, ideas and content. Anyone who is working on a project or committee, and who would like the exposure possible via this site, should contact the webmaster to explore how Union Square Online can support the effort.

Possible options include adding pages to this site to present the work of neighborhood activists. In addition, there is a community message board called “The Public Square” where a forum can be created allowing the exchange of ideas related to any group’s activities. To view current forums and other features, please click here.

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