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 Main event: the Annual Christmas Cookie Tour!
One of the most popular events in our neigh­bor­hood is the Annual Christmas Cookie Tour. Union Square residents usher in the season in style on December 8th as hundreds of visitor’s tour lovingly-restored homes of Baltimore’s Victorian era. Christmas decora­tions provide a festive back­drop as guests munch freshly-baked cookies, sip a hot cider or two, and get to meet the friend­li­est folks in Baltimore.

A significant number of our visitors return every year and the tour has become a much-anticipated part of their holiday tradition. On occasion, a visitor becomes a resident as they discover the charms of our historic neigh­bor­hood during the tour.

There is a lot of work and volunteer effort that makes this event successful. The park is cleaned and decorated to look its holiday best. Our guests wander through the entire neigh­bor­hood, so we all need to spruce up our house fronts – and a special thanks to those residents who make a special effort to clean the side streets and alleys. Of course, a big thank you goes to those hardy and generous souls who have volunteered to open their homes for this event.

Be sure to get the word out to your family and friends. Tickets go on sale at 11:30 AM at the Neighborhood Design Center (1401 Hollins Street).

If you have never taken the tour, you are really encouraged to check it out. It’s both fun and informative – and don’t forget: “Enjoy the cookies, hon!”


Monthly USA meeting
7 PM, Wednes­day, December 4, 2002 at 1401 Hollins Street. For more info about the Union Square Association (USA), click here.

Annual Cookie Tour
Noon to 5 PM, Sunday, December 8, 2002. See article at left.

 Work begins on new Union Square website
During the November Union Square Association board meeting, there was a discussion of how poorly Union Square is represented on the internet. Examples of other neighborhood efforts were discussed and it was decided that Union Square needed a website that would serve both as a tool for residents and for visitors who wanted to know more about our neighborhood.


The first step, searching for a domain name, gave an indication of how complicated the process was going to be. The obvious choice would have been UNIONSQUARE.ORG or UNIONSQUARE.COM, right? As it turns out, our neighborhood has a very popular name – and it appears in many cities around the country. San Francisco has a famous Union Square that is more of a commercial district rather than residential; and New York City’s Union Square got a lot of television coverage in the days immediately following September 11th when it became an impromptu oasis of art and commemoration. So, with so many Union Squares, it’s no surprise that almost every variation of the name is already in use or has been reserved. Of all the listings, the biggest mystery is why UNIONSQUARE.ORG has been owned by Joe Brockerhoff of Heidelberg, Germany since March 2000. Heidelberg?!

A separate web page has been set up to chronicle the mission of the site, a journal of its development, and other fascinating details. To go there now, click here.

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